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Founded in 2016 Lough Gill Brewery restored the lost tradition of brewing in a town that once hosted 5 breweries. The brewery is located in the Doorley Park area of Sligo close to the shores of Lough Gill which is also its water source & main ingredient in all the beers. We are a passionate team who takes pride in each beer we brew. Our Beer philosophy is to brew the best beer using the best ingredients and where possible to add some local indigenous ingredients to the brews. We like to experiment, we like to have fun but most of all we enjoy nothing more than watching our friends & family of customers enjoy our beers. Heres to Happy times ahead James Ward – Owner/Founder



Our Policy

Please contact info@loughgillbrewery.com at least 3 days prior to your keg pickup date to reserve a keg. Beer availability is subject to change. Anyone involved in picking up a keg or jockey box must be at least 18 years of age. Anyone renting a keg or equipment is required to sign a rental agreement. We require kegs to be returned within 5 days of your pickup date.

How does a jockey box work?

The beer is run through a lengthy stainless steel coil that’s covered with ice and water. The lengthy coil creates a longer contact time between the beer and the icy water inside the cooler, giving the beer more time to become cold. This allows the beer to be dispensed from the tap at 2-4 degrees celsius (the perfect beer temperature), even when the keg is at room temperature.

Coil Cooler Use Tips:

- It’s recommended that the ice/water bath is maintained at 0°-5° C
- It’s important to replenish the ice in the bath and pour off excessive water to maintain the temperature
- The coil must be completely submerged in the ice/water bath. Exposed coil can lead to foamy beer
- Always use cubed ice; crushed ice melts too quickly
- When dispensing at room temperature, 30-35 pounds of applied pressure is required

For Prices and More Information

Please contact us at info@loughgillbrewery.com to find out more